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Updates to ACM SIGCHI Conferences Archive

SIGCHI now sponsors or co-sponsors 24 different conferences. In 2016 it provided in-cooperation support to a further 39 conferences.

Work is ongoing by the archive team to publish historical data about SIGCHI conferences including acceptance rates, locations, organizing committees, as well as attendance and financial data (when available).

We are also extending our historical record of all in-cooperation conferences which are now detailed from 2007 – 2016. Over this ten year period we have provided in-cooperation support for 290 conferences. Of these, 55% of the conferences were in Europe, 20% in North America, 12% in Asia, 6% Oceania, 5% South America and 2% in Africa.

Please note that if you are seeking to organize a sponsored or co-sponsored SIGCHI specialized conference or an ACM SIGCHI in-cooperation conference please visit this page.

If you are seeking more details on past conferences then please visit the Conferences Archive.