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Local Chapters

ACM SIGCHI Local Chapters help the ACM SIGCHI community to promote and advance human-computer interaction locally and around the globe. For the developing parts of the world, Local Chapters often serve as the first front to promote HCI education, research and practice in the region. SIGCHI Local Chapters are unique in building bridges between academics, practitioners and students in the field of HCI.

Overall, there are 68 SIGCHI local chapters that consist of 57 Professional Chapters and 11 Student Chapters on 6 continents in 36 different countries, impacting over 4,000 chapter members. The geographical coverage of SIGCHI chapters is greater than ever.

While each chapter has its own unique approach, the professional and student chapters organize conferences, symposiums, meetings, seminars, summer schools, book clubs, networking opportunities, discussion forums, job boards, community outreach, design challenges and other special events year-round. Many chapters host their own local conferences and hold contests for HCI students.

Location-Based and Theme-based Chapters.

Location-based SIGCHI Chapters are anchored in specific locations, facilitating local networking, professional interactions, and community growth. These chapters help us foster a strong HCI community in their regions and represent SIGCHI locally, bringing our values and objectives to various corners of the world. They serve as platforms for individuals to connect, share knowledge, and organise locally-focused HCI events. An example is our PhillyCHI chapter, based in Philadelphia, or our Mumbai SIGCHI chapter, based in Mumbai, which is strongly connected with its local community, organising regular events and establishing successful partnerships with local companies and organisations.

On the other hand, Theme-Based SIGCHI Chapters focus on specific HCI-related topics or themes. These chapters transcend geographical boundaries and bring together individuals worldwide with shared interests. They offer a platform for in-depth exploration of specific areas within HCI, such as extended reality or arts in HCI. These chapters help push the boundaries of our understanding by concentrating on advancements and challenges within their respective themes.

How To Start a SIGCHI Chapter

You can start your ACM SIGCHI Chapter in 4 steps:

Step 1: Enter chapter name, chapter email address, chapter type, and chapter sub-type.

Step 2: Enter the names of three individuals to serve as Chair, Vice-Chair, and Treasurer. These individuals must have an ACM  Professional Membership and relevant SIG Membership.

Step 3: Enter chapter contact information (postal address and phone number).

Step 4: Enter the names of at least ten (10) individuals willing to carry out the chapter’s mission and participate in activities.  The last name, first name, and email addresses of these members will be required through the automated chartering application.

How To Run a Chapter

ACM SIGCHI Chapter-in-a-Box contains the resources required for organizing and maintaining an ACM chapter. This compilation of materials and practices includes advice about recruiting members, ideas for activities, how-tos for running meetings and conferences, and much more.


SIGCHI Local Chapters

Below is a listing of SIGCHI Local Chapters worldwide.

To update your Local SIGCHI Chapter information, please send a message to ACM and SIGCHI representatives containing the information to be updated.


Windhoek ACM SIGCHI, Windhoek. Chartered Chapter. Contact: apeters at
South Africa
Protea ACM SIGCHI, Cape Town. Chartered Chapter. Contact: mdensmore at


SIGCHI Dhaka, Dhaka. Chartered Chapter. Contact: bhuiyan_moin at
SIGCHI China. Chartered Chapter. Contact: acm.sigchi.china.chapter at
Delhi ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Delhi. Chartered Chapter. Contact: nitendra at
IIT Bombay ACM SIGCHI Student Chapter, Mumbai. Chartered Student Chapter. Contact: sigchimsc at
NID Bangalore ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Bangalore. Chartered Chapter. Contact: hardik_c at
Mumbai ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Mumbai. Chartered Chapter. Contact: acmsigchimumbai at
Srishti Institute ACM SIGCHI Student Chapter, Bangalore. Chartered Student Chapter. Contact: shristi.acm at
SRMIST ACM SIGCHI Student Chapter, Chennai. Chartered Student Chapter. Contact: namanmaheshwari_ra at
Indonesia ACM SIGCHI, Jakarta. Chartered Chapter. Contact: yohannes at
IPB University ACM SIGCHI Student Chapter, Bogor. Chartered Chapter. Contact: himalkom at
Japan ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Sendai. Chartered Chapter. Contact: chairs at
SIGCHI Korea, Seoul. Chartered Chapter. Contact: contact at
Kuala Lumpur ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Skudai. Chartered Chapter. Contact: masitah at
Manila ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Manila. Chartered Chapter. Contact: briane.samson at
Lahore ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Lahore. Chartered Chapter. Contact: suleman.shahid at
Colombo ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Colombo. Chartered Chapter. Contact: colombosigchi at
Taipei ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Taipei.Chartered Chapter. Contact: kuanwenchen at
Bangkok ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Bangkok. Chartered Chapter. Contact: thippaya.chintakovid at


Bled ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Bled. Chartered Chapter. Contact: klen.copic at
Cyprus SIGCHI, Cyprus. Chartered Chapter. Contact: jahna.otterbacher at
Estonian SIGCHI Professional Chapter of ACM, Tallinn. CharteredChapter. Contact: David Lamas.
SIGCHI Finland, Oulu. Chartered Chapter. Contact: pj at
Toulouse SIGCHI, Toulouse. Chartered Chapter. Contact: SIGCHI-Tolouse-officers at
SIGCHI Paris, Paris. Chartered Chapter. Contact: at
German ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Munich. Chartered Chapter. Contact: michael.koch at
Greek ACM SIGCHI Chapter (GrCHI), Athens. Chartered Chapter. Contact: info at
Ireland ACM SIGCHI, Dublin. Chartered Chapter. Contact: gavin.doherty at
Italian ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Milano, Italy. Chartered Chapter. Contact:
CHI Poland (CHI Polska), Warsaw. Chartered Chapter. Contact: info at
Romania ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Bucharest. Chartered Chapter. Contact: pribeanu at
Spain ACM SIGCHI, San Mateo. Chartered Chapter. Contact: Victor.Penichet at
Swiss ACM SIGCHI Chapter (SwissCHI), Zürich. Chartered Chapter. Contact:
UK ACM SIGCHI, Newcastle. Chartered Chapter. Contact: john.c.vines at
Yerevan ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Yerevan. Chartered Chapter. Contact: arman.arakelyan at

Latin America

BR-CHI, Rondonopolis-MT. Chartered Chapter. Contact: sigchi.brazil at
Cafeteros ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Cali. Chartered Chapter. Contact: yenny.mendes at
Santiago ACM SIGCHI, Macul City. Chartered Chapter. Contact: santiago.chile.sigchi at
Valparaíso ACM SIGCHI,Valparaíso City. Chartered Chapter. Contact: daniela.quinones at
Quito ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Quito City. Chartered Chapter. Contact: jorge.perez.medina at
Guatemala City ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Guatemala City. Chartered Chapter. Contact: litomd at
Mexico ACM SIGCHI, Mexico City. Chartered Chapter. Contact: luis.adrian at

Middle East

Cairo ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Cairo. Chartered Chapter. Contact: cairo.acm.sigchi.chapter at
Iran ACM SIGCHI, Tehran. Chartered Chapter. Contact: kbazargan at,
IsraHCI, Tel Aviv. Chartered Chapter. Contact: info at
Amman ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Amman. Chartered Chapter. Contact: fouad.q at
Kuwait City ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Safat. Chartered Chapter. Contact: dari.alhuwail at
Saudi Arabia
KACST ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Riyadh. Chartered Chapter. Contact: areej at
Riyadh ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Riyadh. Chartered Chapter. Contact: aseel.alhadlaq at
Doha ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Doha. Chartered Chapter. Contact: sigchiqatar at

North America

BayCHI, San Francisco Bay Area. Chartered Chapter. Contact: chair at
Ottawa ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Ottawa. Chartered Chapter. Contact: mike at
Chicago ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Chicago. Chartered Chapter. Contact: acm at
Drexel University
Drexel University ACM SIGCHI Student Chapter. Chartered Student Chapter. Contact: sj532 at
CHI ISU, Iowa State University. Chartered Student Chapter. Contact: gilbert at
BostonCHI, Greater Boston. Chartered Chapter. Contact: chair at
University of Michigan ACM Student SIGCHI, Ann Arbor. Chartered Student Chapter. Contact: sochi-officers at
Oakland University ACM SIGCHI Student Chapter, Rochester. Chartered Student Chapter. Contact: zytko at
CHIFOO, Portland. Chartered Chapter. Contact: secretary at
PhillyCHI, Philadelphia. Chartered Chapter. Contact: phillychi at
Abilene Christian University ACM SIGCHI Student Chapter, Abilene. Chartered Student Chapter. Contact: sigchi at
Texas A&M University ACM SIGCHI Student Chapter, College Station. Chartered Student Chapter. Contact: tamusigchi at
Twin Cities
Twin Cities ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Minneapolis. Chartered Chapter. Contact: annaprisacari at
NUCHI, Provo. Chartered Chapter. Contact: Wendy.Sudar at
GMU SIGCHI, Fairfax. Chartered Student Chapter. Contact: cforough at
Puget Sound SIGCHI, Bellevue. Chartered Chapter. Contact: pssigchi at


ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Brisbane. Chartered Chapter. Contact: bne.sigchi at
Melbourne ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Port Melbourne. Chartered Chapter. Contact: Jeni Paay at
New Zealand
SIGCHI_NZ, Palmerston Nth. Chartered Chapter. Contact: sallyjo at
Sydney ACM SIGCHI Chapter, Sydney. Chartered Chapter. Contact: wdanusha at
Western Australia
Western Australia ACM SIGCHI Chapter (WACHI), Perth. Chartered Chapter. Contact: artur.lugmayr at


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Contact sigchi-vp-chapters at if you are interested in writing a column on your Chapter (three columns per year).


Matt Jones
SIGCHI Vice President for Local Chapters

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