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What is SIGCHI?

A Family of Conferences
SIGCHI sponsors/co-sponsors 26 Human-Computer Interaction conferences annually, including our flagship CHI (Human Factors in Computing Systems) conference organized every year since 1983.
A Thriving Community
The SIGCHI community includes 9,000+ individuals who attend our events and 2,800+ paid members. Become a member, join us as a volunteer, and participate in year-round activities!
A Global and Local Presence
SIGCHI is committed to growing its global and local presence in coming years, through our chapters, regional committees, and various community support mechanisms.

SIGCHI's Mission Statement

ACM SIGCHI is the leading international community of students and professionals interested in research, education, and practical applications of Human–Computer Interaction. We enable our members to create and shape how people interact with technology and understand how technologies impact people’s lives.

What Can You Do?

Participate in Our Events

Researchers, educators, or practitioners can submit to and attend our 26 conferences. They are also invited to participate in our community events, organized by SIGCHI and its community members. Check out our conference calendar and community calendar to be informed about upcoming events.

Apply for Funds

We welcome applications to our community support mechanisms that include the SIGCHI Development Fund (SDF) and the Gary Marsden Travel Awards (GMTA) programs.

Shape SIGCHI's Future

You are invited to partake in our volunteering opportunities and contributing towards shaping the future(s) of SIGCHI. The new Executive Committee is just getting started with its initiatives in a number of areas, such as mentorship, community support, sustainability, among others.

Conference Calendar

Events Calendar