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What is SIGCHI?

The ACM Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (SIGCHI) is the world’s largest association of professionals who contribute towards the research and practice of human-computer interaction (HCI). We are an interdisciplinary group of computer scientists, software engineers, psychologists, interaction designers, graphic designers, sociologists, multi-media designers, information scientists, and anthropologists, just to name some of the domains whose special expertise come to bear in this area. What brings us together is a shared understanding that designing useful and usable technology is an interdisciplinary process, and when done properly it has the power to transform lives.

SIGCHI sponsors or co-sponsors 26 HCI conferences, in addition to hosting 40+ in-cooperation conferences. There are almost 70 active SIGCHI chapters located across 6 continents, which aim to promote local support networks for HCI professionals.

Read our bylaws, policies, and archived meeting minutes.

Who is SIGCHI?

Anyone who attends or has attended any of our conferences or chapter events is welcome to see themselves as part of the SIGCHI community. You can additionally become a paid member, which has its costs and benefits, as listed on our Membership page.

SIGCHI embraces a community that includes students and professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, including but not limited to academia and industry. Though the US has large representation, SIGCHI is increasingly establishing its global presence, with more than 50% of its members outside of the US.

SIGCHI is a volunteer-run organization and offers many volunteering opportunities. You can volunteer to help organize a conference, run a chapter, or contribute on one of SIGCHI’s committees and/or working groups. To volunteer at the conference or chapter level, you can reach out to the conference/chapter leaders directly. To volunteer with SIGCHI committees and/or working groups, you can consider our Open Call for Volunteers.