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Each year SIGCHI organizes our flagship CHI (Human Factors in Computing Systems) conference along with sponsoring or co-sponsoring 26 different specialized conferences. We provide in-cooperation support to over 30 further conferences. You can find details of all upcoming conferences and the travel grants we offer here. For those organizing one of these conferences, we provide a range of resources and policies and details of the history of past conferences.


Find the current conferences and deadlines.

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Upcoming Conferences

Learn more about upcoming CHI conferences as well as SIGCHI specialized conferences.

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Conference History

The conference history serves as an archive for CHI and SIGCHI specialized conferences, and contains information including acceptance rates, proceedings, locations, committees, and attendance

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Travel Awards

The Gary Marsden Travel Awards provide assistance for students and early-career researchers to attend SIGCHI (co)sponsored conferences, events, and (for early-career researchers) mentorship meetings. We will prioritize both presenters and first-time attendees.

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Information about educational courses offered at CHI and SIGCHI specialized conferences.

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Organizer Resources

If you’re organizing a SIGCHI sponsored, co-sponsored, or in-cooperation conference, this page has information to better help you prepare.

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This page describes a number of ACM SIGCHI policies regarding our conferences. Some of these policies relate to all conferences, while some relate only to the annual CHI conferences. Other policies are for the ACM SIGCHI Specialized Conferences program only.

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