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Volunteering for SIGCHI

SIGCHI is a volunteer-run organization and offers many volunteering opportunities. You can volunteer to help organize a conference, run a chapter, or contribute on one of SIGCHI’s committees and/or working groups. We do our best to keep our doors open.

To volunteer at a conference, we recommend that you reach out to the general chairs and/or steering committee chairs of the conference, typically indicated on the conference website. Conference leaders are increasingly posting open calls for volunteers on their organizing committees. You can volunteer for paper reviewing on PCS directly. For any other questions regarding volunteering for conferences, please reach out to the VP Conferences.

To volunteer at a chapter of your choice, we recommend that you reach out to the chapter leader(s) or to the VP Chapters.

The SIGCHI Executive Committee has a number of committees that would welcome your contributions. These can be accessed directly via our Open Call for Volunteers, which also indicates which committees are actively recruiting. You are welcome to reach out to the volunteer leader in charge to find out more about the opening(s) of interest, or even more generally, to find out when they might next recruit.

Some calls, such as those for leaders on the Executive Committee, or on a few other committees, are more targeted. These open calls are advertised on our Members list and other communications channels.

Volunteering Pathways

There is no set volunteering pathway, but typically, volunteers start out by taking on relatively minor time commitments, such as reviewing a paper or becoming a student volunteer at a SIGCHI conference. As volunteers gather experience and invest more of themselves, they may serve in more substantive volunteering roles, eventually taking on conference/chapter leadership roles, or a role on the SIGCHI Executive Committee (or one of its committees).

Reasons for Volunteering

Volunteering for SIGCHI can provide value in a number of ways, depending on the interests and inclinations of the individual. Volunteering generates networking opportunities, and thus new friends and colleagues. It is also a great way to develop new skills, enhance knowledge of HCI, and help shape the future of the field.

Despite the many benefits that volunteering might bring, as we are increasingly learning through the COVID-19 pandemic, volunteering can also impact mental health and result in burnout not least because of the power dynamics and other professional pressures at play. Please go through the resources below and allow them to support you in erecting healthy boundaries and arriving at a clear understanding between you and your volunteer leader regarding your capacity to serve and need for guidance. And as they honor your commitment, please consider honoring theirs as well by being in communication about your interests and limitations.

Resources for SIGCHI Volunteers

Volunteers are advised to read the handbook and be familiar with the articulation.

For more information, please contact the SIGCHI Adjunct Chair for Volunteer Support (