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Update to SIGCHI Student Travel Grant (SSTG) program

The goal of the SSTG is to pre-approve students for grants before a conference’s earliest submission deadline, so that if a student gets a submission accepted, they can count on having a grant awarded for travel to the conference.
Jan 19th 2017.

We are pleased to announce an update to the SIGCHI Student Travel Grant (SSTG) program. The SSTG is intended to enable students who lack other funding opportunities to attend SIGCHI sponsored or co-sponsored conferences.


  • Future awards will consist of an honorarium of up to $1,800 USD to partially cover expenses necessary for attending a conference
  • Each conference is associated with only one of the four deadlines per year (so check the website)
  • The next deadline to apply is Feb 1 2017, for RecSys 2017, UIST 2017, ICMI 2017 and ChiPlay 2017
  • SIGCHI sponsors or co-sponsors 24 different conferences to which this SSTG program applies (based on specific application dates per conference)

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