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Upcoming AMAs: Equity, Accessibility, Outreach

As part of the SIGCHI Executive Committee’s commitment to listen, reflect, act, and represent, this summer we began holding Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions. Links to recordings and notes about the previous AMAs are included at the bottom of this post, and in coordination with our newest Adjunct Chairs, we will be holding three more before the end of the year.

The topics of these sessions Equity and Recognition (Monday, November 16), Chapters and Outreach (Monday, November 23), and Accessibility and Operations (Friday, December 4). Details for each are below! Please use the links to ask questions, regardless of whether you can attend!

Equity & Recognition: November 16th at 9am PST | 6pm CET | 10.30pm IST | 2am JST
Adriana S. Vivacqua (Adjunct Chair for Equity)
Vinoba Vinayagamoorthy (Adjunct Chair for Equity)
Gloria Mark (Adjunct Chair for Awards)
Zoom link. Calendar link. link (for questions).

Chapters & Outreach: November 23rd at 5:30am PST | 2:30pm CET | 7:00pm IST | 10:30pm JST
Casey Fiesler (Adjunct Chair for Community Engagement)
Eunice Sari (VP for Chapters)
Zoom link. Calendar link. link (for questions).

Accessibility & Operations: December 4 at 1:30pm PST | 10:30pm CET | 3:00am IST | 6:30am JST
Stacy Branham (Adjunct Chair for Accessibility)
Soraia Prietch (Adjunct Chair for Accessibility)
David Shamma (VP for Operations)
Zoom link. Calendar link. link (for questions).

All sessions will be hosted in Zoom Webinar format (see Zoom’s accessibility FAQ). Questions can be posted via Slido (see Slido’s accessibility FAQ) or in Zoom via their chat, Q&A, or raise hand features. Live auto-generated captions and transcripts will be available via There will be live American Sign Language interpreting. Should you have any questions or requests about accessibility of the AMAs, please contact

We recognize that these times will not work for everyone, and we will make recordings of the sessions available on YouTube (with professional captions, which can take 3–5 days) and also write summarizing blog posts. We encourage you to participate in at least one of these sessions, and to pose questions even if they seem unrelated to the topics of discussion; we’ll address them as best we can or redirect them to other EC members as fitting. We are also making links available for each session up to a week before the session begins so that questions can be added at your convenience, publicly and anonymously.

We hope you will join us, but in the meantime please check out the previous AMAs, which have a huge amount of information about our SIGCHI community!

AMA #1: Conferences and CHI, featuring Andrew Kun (Interim VP Conferences) and Regan Mandryk (CHI Steering Committee Chair) [Link to VideoLink to Summary]

AMA #2: Community Support, Equity, and Inclusion, featuring VPs at Large Shaowen Bardzell and Neha Kumar [Link to VideoLink to Summary]

AMA #3: Publications, featuring Cliff Lampe (Executive VP) and Julie Williamson (VP Publications) [Link to Video]

AMA #4: Communications/Membership and Finance, featuring Anirudha Joshi (VP for Finance) and Regina Bernhaupt (VP for Membership and Communication) [Link to Video]

AMA #5: Elections and Volunteer Development, featuring Past President Loren Terveen and Adjunct Chair Mark Perry [Link to Video]

If you have questions, feel free to reach out.