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SIGCHI Community and Conference Calendars

In June 2020, when the world was aggressively shifting its official/unofficial events and activities online, we had blogged about plansto put together a calendar of virtual community-organized events for our global membership. This was with the goal of staying connected and engaged in a time of mainly-virtual events, but also so we could forge new connections, learning about HCI activities across disparate cultures and geographies. This community calendar supplements our pre-existing conference calendar. Both have their own calendar feeds, allowing you to subscribe to one or both.

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This is what the “upcoming events” page looks like on

Use the community calendar to check out upcoming events and tune in to events in Sydney or Boston, whenever you’re bored or feel the desire to connect with our global community. Use the conference calendar to apprise yourselves of upcoming SIGCHI conference deadlines and such. Both calendars can be accessed from the landing page of our website. We have short tutorials that can help you sync these with your Google/Apple calendar.

***If you have an event/series you’d like us to add to our list of community events, email and let us know.***

Many thanks to Vikram Kamath (on the SIGCHI Development Fund committee) for his persistence in putting this together, and to David A. Shamma (VP Ops) for his help on integrating the calendar with the official SIGCHI website.

Neha Kumar
SIGCHI VP at Large
On behalf of the SIGCHI Development Fund Committee