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SIGCHI and Accessibility

SIGCHI is committed to being a community open and welcoming to academics, researchers, and practitioners with disabilities.

If you have concerns about accessibility of the SIGCHI website, publications or general concerns about physical accessibility at any SIGCHI sponsored events including conferences, please email the SIGCHI Executive Committee at SIGCHI-ACCESSIBILITY (at) listserv (dot) acm (dot) org. Emails will be distributed to the Vice President for Publications, Vice President for Conferences, Vice President for Operations, Adjunct Chair for Public Policy, and President and Executive Vice President.

Emails should contain:
•       a short description of the concern
•       an indication of who (what group of persons/people) are affected or may be affected 
by the potential issue
•       if appropriate, a short description of possible solution(s).

•       alert us to concerns as early as possible, especially for up-coming events so that we can work with event organizers
•       specific event-related physical accessibility issues, especially if the event is already in progress, should be brought up with on-site event organizers

Issues will be taken into consideration by the SIGCHI Executive Committee and addressed if possible, or referred to the relevant parties.

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