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2011-2014 Education Project

SIGCHI conducted a research project between March 2011 and December of 2014 to better understand the current state of global academic and advanced practitioner education.

About the 2011-2014 Research
Information on the 2011-2013 research on HCI Education

Researcher Biographies
Mini Bios of Researchers Elizabeth Churchill, Jenny Preece, and Anne Bowser.

Research Reports
Reports submitted to the SIGCH Executive Committee and other venues between 2011-2014 are posted below.

Report of 2012 Activities
Provided to the EC for feedback in early 2013.

A collection of resources to support global HCI Education.

A collection of syllabi for overview, advanced, and topical courses in HCI.

Girouard – IMD 3004
Girouard – HCIN 5300

A selection of summer internships in Human-Computer Interaction and related fields.

Visualizing the CHI Community
Mapped visualizations of contributions from CHI 2014.

Key books, articles, and conference proceedings

Key books, articles, and conference proceedings

Research Reports
This folder contains research reports related to the SIGCHI Education project from 2011-2014.


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