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SIGCHI Across Borders Initiative (SABI) next event June 2018

SIGCHI LogoThe SIGCHI Across Borders Initiative (SABI) is SIGCHI’s effort to reach out to HCI students, researchers, and practitioners in places where the field is still in nascent stages, as well as to learn more about HCI approaches in these contexts and how SIGCHI might be of assistance. So far, we have held two successful meetings–in Alexandria, Egypt with the Arab HCI community, and Guatemala City, Guatemala with the Latin American HCI community. These sessions have been quite interactive, with round table discussions and other exercises, sparking conversations about developing and institutionalizing HCI in these regions and how SIGCHI might be able to support such activities. In June, we will gather to discuss “lessons learned” from the first two meetings and to pass along the methods so others can carry out similar meetings. Those keen to facilitate future such sessions in their respective communities are invited to engage further with SIGCHI on the topic of current and potential offerings. We will also discuss localization of these materials and processes for different communities.

Key Point: Deadline to apply is May 21,2018 and you apply via this google from. Please ensure you read this entire post carefully before applying.


This is not a conference. We will meet for three days in Swansea to hold interactive discussions, sharing information about the two prior meetings in Egypt and Guatemala, and introducing materials we have produced for distribution to future participants as well as assisting participants in planning similar sessions in their parts of the world. English will be the medium of communication.


We invite participants located in these countries, especially those from Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia, who are interested in playing a role in developing HCI capacity in their part of the world, and in working with students, researchers, and practitioners to do so as well. We welcome applications from interested HCI researchers, educators, post-graduate students, practitioners, consultants, and others engaging in HCI/UX activities. We also welcome nominations for such individuals. Both applicants and nominators are requested to fill out this online application (in English) by May 21, 2018. Invitations to be dispatched by May 22, 2018.


SIGCHI is keen to grow our community of HCI and HCI Across Borders (HCIxB) researchers and practitioners, developing HCI expertise across different parts of the world where it is still only in nascent stages. Thus, we will select participants based on their potential to contribute to this effort. We advise interested individuals to be sure that their applications communicate the role their volunteer roles and participation as concretely as possible. For example, by saying “After attending this meeting, I will organize local and regional meetings with the support of SIGCHI representatives, [or start a chapter]” or “I will start XYZ new communities and projects with people in my country/region”. Our hope is to make SABI accessible and relevant to people around the world, both to grow community and to give SIGCHI information about new geographies and cultures.


Expenses (airfare, accommodation, subsistence) will be reimbursed after the event, courtesy SIGCHI, for the participants selected and invited to attend. Please note that visa fees will not be borne by SIGCHI.

WHEN: June 18-20, 2018

WHERE: Swansea University, Wales (UK)

QUESTIONS: To Dr. Susan Dray (SIGCHI VP-at-Large): susan.dray AT