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SIGCHI 2020 Award Recipients

SIGCHI is very pleased to announce its 2020 Award Recipients.

SIGCHI Lifetime Research Award:

Susan Dumais – Microsoft Research Labs (U.S.)

SIGCHI Lifetime Practice Award:

David Canfield Smith – Retired (U.S.)

SIGCHI Lifetime Service Award:

Gilbert Cockton – University of Sunderland (UK)

Catherine Plaisant – University of Maryland (U.S.)

SIGCHI Social Impact Award:

Ronald Baecker – University of Toronto (Canada)

Bonnie Nardi – University of California, Irvine (U.S.)

SIGCHI Outstanding Dissertation Award:

Katta Spiel – University of Technology, Vienna (Austria)

Paul Strohmeier – Saarbrücken University (Germany)

SIGCHI Academy:

Sunny Consolvo – Google (U.S.)

Steven M. Drucker – Microsoft Research Labs (U.S.)

Jean-Daniel Fekete – INREA (France)

Jason Hong – Carnegie Mellon University (U.S.)

Kristina Höök – Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)

Kasper Hornbæk – University of Copenhagen

Meredith Ringel Morris – Microsoft Research Labs (U.S.)

Peter Wright – Newcastle University (UK)

Congratulations to all!