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Open Call for SIGCHI Development Fund Committee

A recent post laid out the details of the SIGCHI Development Fund, explaining the types of projects it is meant for, and listing some examples of what has been funded in the past. As we make efforts to expand these initiatives and their coverage, we are putting together a committee that is responsible for evaluating proposals made to this fund, as well as for following up to see how these activities have progressed, the impact they have had, and recommendations for future activities. Ideally, we would like to craft a strategy that examines different aspects of the global coverage of the SIGCHI Development Fund and ensures that these align well with the strategic initiatives of SIGCHI.

We are looking for a group of 5–6 globally dispersed members of the SIGCHI community who have experience with organizing and participating in ACM/SIGCHI events, care deeply about growth and inclusivity within SIGCHI at a global level, and will make the time to craft and realize such a vision for the community. We expect that the work will entail overseeing the quarterly SIGCHI Development Fund application review process, following up with funded initiatives, and contributing inputs to a longer term strategy. We ask, therefore, that you be willing to make a time commitment of approx. 10–12 hours on a monthly basis.

If you are keen to be a part of this group, please fill out this application form, by January 31, 2020 11.59pm AoE, clearly indicating your motivation, experience, and availability for this commitment.