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PWA ß 4 CSCW 2019

Earlier this year, the SIGCHI Ops team decided to sunset our native apps for conference programs. As an alternative, we put our efforts into making a progressive web application (PWA) which will allow for faster development time, greater accessibility, and easier maintenance. Being a Papers Co-chair for CSCW2019, I convinced the rest of the organizing committee to let me run the beta test live at the conference.

A few things to note, we still had some people using the older buggy native apps (which aren’t fully turned off yet). The numbers are session based; for example, I had 3 sessions: my mac laptop, my iphone, and my ipad

  • We had 1375 sessions on the main day with no logged errors or server issues
  • In total we had 3850 unique sessions of apps (overlaps between different platforms)
  • 308 unique people logged in and saved user data (about 43% of the conference).
  • 10 and 11 November (the first two days of the main program) were most popular days.
  • 58% of the traffic used the desktop web version (our previous mobile apps were of course limited to iOS and Android devices, so this is quite nice to see a lot of traffic on laptops).
  • Few people added the app to their mobile home screen.
  • Most popular browsers are Chrome and Safari.
  • Most popular platform was Mac OS.
  • Most popular things are events: Receptions, Town Hall, D+I Lunch.
A graph of usage by a day with the main program days exceeding 1000 sessions; other days average 400.
Unique app usage per day
A pie chart of device OS usage with Mac os first, then iOS, then windows, then Android and finally Linux.
Unique PWA apps by platforms
Overall view of browser usage with Chrome over 53%, safari at 30% and Firefox around 12%.
Unique PWA apps by browsers
A bar chart of computer type and browser usage. Chrome wins almost everywhere except iOS with Safari in the lead.
Unique PWA apps by platforms and browsers

Top Sessions Added to “My Schedule”:

  1. Welcome Remarks & Keynote
  2. CSCW Townhall
  3. CSCW Banquet
  4. Patron or Poison? Industry Funding of HCI Research
  5. Lasting Impact
  6. CSCW Meta
  7. AI and Fairness
  8. The Relationships between Data, Power, and Justice in CSCW Research
  9. CSCW 2030
  10. Closing Remarks & Keynote
  11. Reception: Interactive Demos and Posters
  12. Human-Agent Communication: Connecting Research and Development in HCI and AI
  13. CSCW Welcome Beverage and Meetup
  14. Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Lunch [Registration Required]
  15. Politics and Misinformation
  16. Collective Innovation
  17. Moderation I
  18. Algorithms
  19. AI
  20. Hate

Top Content Added to “My Schedule”
(note: posters were most commonly marked in this area so I’ve filtered this down to just papers and panels):

  1. Patron or Poison? Industry Funding of HCI Research
  2. CSCW Meta
  3. The Relationships between Data, Power, and Justice in CSCW Research
  4. Discrimination through optimization: How Facebook’s ad delivery can lead to biased outcomes
  5. Agent, Gatekeeper, Drug Dealer: How Content Creators Craft Algorithmic Personas
  6. Crowdsourcing Perceptions of Fair Predictors for Machine Learning: A Recidivism Case Study
  7. Street-Level Realities of Data Practices in Homeless Services Provision
  8. CSCW 2030
  9. Human-Agent Communication: Connecting Research and Development in HCI and AI
  10. Disinformation as Collaborative Work: Surfacing the Participatory Nature of Strategic Information Operations
  11. Your Stance is Exposed! Analysing Possible Factors for Stance Detection on Social Media
  12. Does Transparency in Moderation Really Matter?: User Behavior After Content Removal Explanations on Reddit
  13. Hashtag Burnout? An Experimental Study Investigating How Political Hashtags Shape Reactions to News Content in a General Audience
  14. The Dynamics of Peer-Produced Political Information During the 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign
  15. Human-Machine Collaboration for Content Regulation: The Case of Reddit Automoderator
  16. Crossmod: A Cross-Community Learning-based System to Assist Reddit Moderators
  17. Technological Frames and User Innovation: Exploring Technological Change in Community Moderation Teams
  18. When Users Control the Algorithms: Values Expressed in Practices on Twitter
  19. “Hello AI”: Uncovering the Onboarding Needs of Medical Practitioners for Human-AI Collaborative Decision-Making
  20. “I’m going to hell for laughing at this”: Norms, humour, and the neutralisation of aggression in online communities

So we’re quite happy with the beta test and are rolling out the PWA more broadly across all our 24 SIGCHI sponsored conferences. We did collect a few bugs and suggestions, but if you have more let us know!

PS: Moving forward, these posts on clicks and browsers won’t be a regular occurence but we wanted to share some data from the beta run and thank everyone for their feedback. Got a question, just contact us!