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ACM SIGCHI gets a new Medium Publication


You might have noticed already, but if not: we are adding a Medium publication to our communications tools! We see this as an exciting addition, because Medium allows contributors to post (and be acknowledged for) the opinions they voice. Additionally, Medium posts can easily be linked with social media posts, providing a great complementary resource to our WordPress blog site ( We hope that having a more flexible interface (like room for tabs, for example) also makes it easier to navigate across posts. But all this to say that we have been aiming to identify better, more suitable ways of connecting with the SIGCHI community and the world at large.

There are many reasons why this connection is (and should remain) a priority to complement our SIGCHI blog. First, the number of developments taking place across our community at any given time is high. Conferences, workshops, and symposia are organized throughout the year, the SIGCHI Development Fund supports groups across the world to develop HCI capacity in their midst, policies at the ACM level evolve and influence the SIGCHI community in various ways, among other ongoing changes. Second, our community grows larger and more diverse every day, and we believe that there is a strong need to provide support to new members as they begin to explore the gigantic web of HCI, so that they are not disadvantaged on account of being new to the discipline. Finally, with the number of pursuits keeping the SIGCHI EC busy as well, this publication also comprises a commitment to increased transparency about our processes and decisions.

What would you like to read about? From/about the SIGCHI community and the EC? Let us know what interests you so that we can make this as useful as possible.

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