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CHI 2018 keynotes and talk recordings available on YouTube

The video recordings of CHI 2018 including 241 paper presentations are now freely accessible on the official SIGCHI YouTube channel: You will find all CHI videos in the “ACM CHI Conference” section or the “ACM CHI 2018 Paper Presentations” section on the SIGCHI YouTube channel homepage.

A shout out to all CHI ’18 videographers for supporting us at CHI ’18 🤜🤛👏

Thanks to Banu Saatçi, Caroline Pitt, Daniella Briotto Faustino, Dominik Weber, Elisabeth Sulmont, Germaine Irwin, Germán Leiva, Ida Larsen-Ledet, Jazette Johnson, Jeff Blum, Pascal Fortin, Rufat Rzayev, Søren Qvist Jensen, Sven Copper

All videos will also be available in the ACM Digital Library within the next days (

The SIGCHI Youtube channel contains more than 2000 videos; also including keynotes, plenaries, panels, and paper presentations from past CHI, UIST, ISS, SUI, TEI, CHI PLAY, and RecSys conferences.

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For more information on talk recordings, feel free to contact David Lindlbauer and Roman Rädle at or the other members of the SIGCHI Operations Committee.

SIGCHI Operations — Video Capture and CHI ’18 Video Capture chairs