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Welcoming The New Interim VP of Operations

For the past two years, I served as VP of Operations under SIGCHI. The role oversees our technology in the SIG. In my time, I helped shape our efforts around scalability, reachability, sustainability, and accessibility. Further, I’m incredibly proud of the Ops Committee’s efforts; they worked hard on video solutions and remote conferences for all of our 24 conferences and helped architect a test platform for closed captioning solutions for the whole of the ACM.

A photo of David Karger
David Karger

For 2021, I am taking a new role as co-TPC for CHI 2022. As such, the rules require I vacate my seat as the VP of Operations for the remaining six months of my term. As this is an interim appointment, the EC voted for Dr. David Karger from MIT to run operations from January 1st till a new EC is elected and seated on July 1st. David is no stranger to CHI, CSCW, or systems work and has the desire and expertise to help elevate the software under SIGCHI even further. On David’s roadmap is overseeing our continuing efforts to democratize our conference program data for the community. 

On a personal note, many thanks to Helena and Cliff for onboading me to the Executive committee. Many thanks to the people I met at the ACM and across all our conferences. It was exciting to work alongside you all. I look forward to seeing you all at CHI 2022 in New Orleans!