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Thank you, SIGCHI!

A grid containing profile photos of the EC members elected in 2021.

With the SIGCHI election behind us and the results announced, we begin our work as the SIGCHI Executive Committee-elect by extending our gratitude towards the many members of our community who participated in and mobilized this election process. This extensive volunteer effort included the formation of the election committee, candidates putting themselves forth, the election committee vetting the candidates, candidates crafting 200-word statements for the ACM and participating in various forums to discuss their ideas with the community, and finally, members of our community signing up to vote, and ultimately casting a ballot. Every bit of effort that this took was an effort made out of a commitment towards the future of SIGCHI, and for this we are grateful.

Thank you, Loren Terveen, Robin Brewer, Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Gillian Hayes, Sane Gaytán, Juho Kim, and Z.O. Toups for your work on the election committee. Many thanks to Monique Chang and Jade Morris who coordinated ACM’s activities in conducting the election. And a heartfelt thank you to our colleagues who stepped forward to serve the community — Regina Bernhaupt, Aaron Quigley, Manjiri Joshi, Simone Kriglstein, Rucha Tulaskar, Luis Castro, Sheena Erete, Christopher Frauenberger, and Lauren Wilcox — we are honored to have been on the candidate slate alongside you. You volunteered your time and contributed to the community-wide dialogue about the future of SIGCHI, and we sincerely hope that all of you will continue this engagement with us.

A grid of photos of the EC-elect. Naomi and Adriana will serve as VPs at Large, Andrew as VP Finance, Tammy as VP Membership & Communication, Shaowen as Executive VP, and Neha as President.
Naomi Yamashita, Adriana Vivacqua, Andrew Kun, Tamara Clegg,
Shaowen Bardzell, & Neha Kumar

As the EC-elect comes together to craft a vision for what we would like to accomplish in the next three years, we’re grateful also for the efforts of the Executive Committees that came before us, and especially those of the current EC led by President Helena Mentis, which we have learned from considerably. We hope to continue and expand the excellent work that our many colleagues in this EC have done, with their commitment (among other things) to accessibility, equity and inclusion, to the safety of our community, global community-building, and a #SIGCHI4ALL. Together the six of us represent a wide range of perspectives; our hope is that this representation will ensure that we remain answerable to our entire global membership as we work towards supporting and fostering participation and growth — locally and globally.

In our statements you would have identified a passion for community and increased engagement from underrepresented groups (Tammy), for fostering “interdisciplinary and intercultural perspectives” (Naomi) and “encouraging partnerships beyond borders” (Adriana), for a commitment to transparency (Andrew) and “systematizing processes that will establish equity and inclusivity as the norm” (Shaowen), and for addressing “structural inequities and barriers to participation worldwide” (Neha). In the coming days, we will develop a shared vision for our time together on the new SIGCHI Executive Committee, weaving together our individual and synergistic goals. Be assured that we will ask your input, feedback, and patience every step of the way, as we collectively build bridges for the next three years, and more to come.

Adriana S. Vivacqua (VP at Large-elect)
Naomi Yamashita (VP at Large-elect)
Andrew Kun (VP Finance-elect)
Tamara L. Clegg (VP Membership & Communication-elect)
Shaowen Bardzell (Executive VP-elect)
Neha Kumar (President-elect)