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SIGCHI Social Impact Award

This award is given to individuals who promote the application of human-computer interaction research to pressing social needs. The recipient will have past or current work within the HCI profession that demonstrates social benefit. Example criteria include:

  • Facilitating use of computer and telecommunication technology by diverse populations.
  • Increasing access to technology for those with limited educational opportunities.
  • Reducing economic barriers for access to information and communication technologies.
  • Promoting privacy, security, trust, and safety.
  • Improving medical care, education, housing, water supplies, and nutrition.
  • Supporting technologies for international development and conflict resolution.
  • Improving human communication and reducing isolation.
  • Reasonably active participant in the ACM SIGCHI community, although outstanding individuals active in other professional communities are considered.

The committee’s award statement will describe the positive impact that the person or team has achieved. ACM SIGCHI appreciates Ben Shneiderman’s efforts in initiating this award, providing seed funding, and advising in the selection process.

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