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Open Call for SIGCHI Asian Development Committee Volunteers

ACM SIGCHI is the premier international society for professionals, academics and students who are interested in human-technology and human-computer interaction (HCI). Traditionally, a large part of membership of ACM SIGCHI came from, and many of its activities have happened in North America and Europe. More recently, ACM SIGCHI hopes to expand its membership and activities in Asia, Africa and South America. With this objective, the SIGCHI Executive Committee ( constituted the Asian Development Committee ( with 5 members. Since then, some current members of the Asian Development Committee have taken on other roles, including in ACM SIGCHI, and would like to retire from this committee. Several upcoming SIGCHI events including the CHI 2021 conference will be held in Asia. Going forward, it is planned to organise CHI every 5 years in Asia. Hence we would like to expand the Asian Development Committee. Through this open call, we would like to invite volunteers to apply for these open positions. While volunteers from anywhere in Asia are welcome to apply, we are specifically looking for expanding current activities in China, India, South Korea, Japan and South East Asian regions.

The tasks of the Asian Development Committee members includes the following:

  • Attend up to two in-person meetings (usually one in Asia and one at CHI) per year
  • Attend additional virtual meetings as planned
  • Be the liaison within the country / region to enable local volunteers to participate in ACM SIGCHI activities
  • Coordinate with local organisers of events or organise events within Asia to promote ACM SIGCHI activities including conferences, workshops, journals, summer schools, symposia, chapters etc.

To volunteer for a position on the ACM SIGCHI Asian Development Committee, please send an email with the following information to Prof. Yoshifumi Kitamura (, the current chair of the Asian Development Committee by July 5, 2019:

  • Your name
  • Your background (including education, affiliation, work experience)
  • Your experience with engaging in the local HCI / UX communities
  • Your experience with engaging in the global HCI / UX communities
  • Your commitments to participate in the Asian Development Committee activities
  • Your contact details.