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Multiple Open Calls for Volunteers

Adjunct Chair for Volunteer Development

SIGCHI is a reliant on the mass of dedicated and motivated volunteers. These volunteers include the reviewers of our papers, the conference organizers, the SIGCHI leadership team and all of its committees, and even the people who serve on ACM committees representing the SIGCHI community’s interests. Over the years, the size of SIGCHI and the activities we organize and participate in have grown exponentially. The role of the AC for Volunteer Development would be to devise a central repository for volunteer management, help match volunteers to these volunteer needs, and ensure that our community’s long-term volunteer needs will be met by an experienced pool of volunteers. Note that this position will be a SIGCHI Executive Committee level position and will address volunteering across all of SIGCHI’s activities.

Apply here: or send an email to Helena Mentis,

Adjunct Chair for Community Development

The SIGCHI Organization has instantiated a number of support mechanisms for the SIGCHI/HCI community including the SIGCHI Development Fund, the SIGCHI Student Travel Grant, the Gary Marsden Fun, and recently the Early Career Mentorship for Developing Communities fund – This call is for an adjunct chair to oversee these funding mechanisms, broadly advertise and solicit applications, and consider new support mechanisms or modify existing ones. Note that this position will be a SIGCHI Executive Committee level position and will address community support broadly.

Apply here: or send an email to Helena Mentis,


SIGCHI Communication Committee

The SIGCHI Communication Committee is searching interested people for the positions of the Lead Ambassador Program, Social Media Development, and Membership Benefits Development , all starting immediately. Main duties are to continue the various activities of the Communication Team, and support in all aspects of communication to the various new events and initiatives.

Apply here: or send an email to Pejman Mirza-Babaei,


SIGCHI Conferences Board and Conferences Working Group

The SIGCHI Conferences Board is a committee which supports the Vice President of Conferences in SIGCHI Conference related activities. Its membership is approved by the SIGCHI Executive Committee and includes nominees from the Vice President of Conferences and the SIGCHI Council of Steering Committee Chairs (CSCC). Members of this committee typically hold the role of incoming, current or past conference Steering Committee (SC) Chairs for a SIGCHI specialized conference or CHI, or have commensurate levels of experience with conference management. This group is planning a meeting face to face this May. To date it has been working as a distributed board.

The SIGCHI Conferences working group supports the ACM SIGCHI Vice President for Conferences in operational aspects of the SIGCHI conference series e.g. access to mobile app setup, banner development, calendar management, in-cooperation approvals and more.

Some new activity this group will take include certificates of appreciation, recoding conference history and social media advice. This group will continue to largely function using online communication and coordination tools.

Apply here: or send an email to Aaron Quigley,


CHI Lites 2019 Organizers

We’re looking for people to help us organize CHI Lites 2019, a volunteer-led outreach event showcasing bite-sized talks on the future of life with tech, which will be held on the evening that CHI finishes. You should be creative or have good organizational skills, and would like to support SIGCHI’s efforts in sharing HCI research with the public.

Apply here: or write Sian Lindley at