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Global HCI and Economically Developing Countries

SIGCHI recently created the Global Community Development for Conferences (GCDC) program.

It’s upto conference chairs and steering committees to apply to this program but it’s aimed to provide support for researchers and practitioners both from and working/studying in Economically Developing Countries to engage further with conferences.

Not all conferees have the scale, reach or community interest to make use of such a program but for those that do this is a new opportunity.

SIGCHI recognises that knowledge and access to the latest developments in Human Computer Interaction research and practice through our conferences is essential for industry, education and government.

However, researchers and practitioners in Economically Developing Countries (EDC) don’t always have access to the same developments in HCI as others. As such, this program of support for global development around our family of conferences, aims to:

  1. support conferences to bring unrepresented HCI researchers and practitioners from and working/studying in EDC through access to discounted conference registrations.
  2. developing the next generation of HCI researchers and practitioners from and working/studying in EDC to attend our conferences, around the world, though our conference supported “SIGCHI global fellowship program”.
  3. support conferences as a means to bring the global research community to EDC as a means to develop research capacity, grow the local HCI community, engage with regional leaders in industry and academia for whom HCI is relevant.

Conferences are encouraged to apply for any or all parts of this program. If approved, conferences are asked to widely publicise this program to reach those who might benefit most.

We hope that these supports can further extend the reach of the conference series we sponsor. The problems we face in HCI are global concerns, hence those we seek to engage in HCI are global.

@aquigley ACM SIGCHI Vice President for Conferences