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CHI 2014 Details

CHI 2014 was held from April 26- May 1 in Toronto, Canada.

Table of Contents


General Conference Chairs

Matt Jones

Philippe Palanque

Technical Program Chairs

Albrecht Schmidt

Tovi Grossman

Technical Program Chair Assistant

Michael Glueck

Papers Chairs

Stephen Brewster

Andy Cockburn

Panels Chairs

Gillian Hayes

Khai Truong

Case Studies Chairs

Jonathan Arnowitz

DJ Hoets

Michael Arent

Austin Henderson

Courses Chairs

Regina Bernhaupt

Elizabeth Churchill

Interactivity Chairs

Steven Benford

Julie Rico Williamson

Video Showcase Chairs

Jinwook Seo

Nicolas Roussel

SIGs Chairs

Enrico Rukzio

Henry Duh

Doctoral Consortium Chairs

Manfred Tscheligi

Katherine Isbister

Workshops Chairs

Nadir Weibel

Juergen Steimle

Works in Progress Chairs

Shelly Farnham

Shamsi Iqbal

Shaun Lawson

Student Research Competition Chairs

Celine Latulipe

Floyd Muller

Student Design Competition Chairs

Thecla Schiphorst

Youn-Kyung Lim

Student Game Competition Chairs

Seth Cooper

Alessandro Canossa

alt.chi Chairs

Daniela Rosner

Lilly Irani

TOCHI Papers Chairs

Jeffrey Nichols

Best of CHI Awards Chairs

Daniel Wigdor

Karyn Moffatt

Best Talk Awards Chair

Daniel Wigdor

Spotlights Chairs

Kristina Höök

Ed Chi

Games & Entertainment Chairs

Magy Seif El-Nasr

Heather Desurvire

Lennart Nacke

HCI For Development (HCI4D) Chairs

Melissa Densmore

Matthew Kam

Ban Al-Ani

Interaction Science Chairs

Andrew Howes

Benjamin R. Cowan

Stephen J. Payne

Paul Cairns

Christian P. Janssen

Anna L Cox

Anthony J. Hornof

Peter Pirolli

Making Cultures Chairs

Jeffrey Bardzell

Shaowen Bardzell

Carl DiSalvo

Ann Light

Daniela Rosner

Art and Interaction Chairs

David England

Jocelyn Spence

Student Volunteer Coordinators

Lindsay Reynolds

Jon Haber

Technology Liaisons

Scooter Morris

Sara Drenner


Liam Betsworth

Social Media Chairs

Max Wilson

Katie Panciera

Proceedings Chairs

Marco Winckler

Yann Riche

Stéphane Conversy

Infrastructure Accessibility Chair

Janeé Pelletier

Digital Accessibility Chair

Jonathan Lazar

Community Sourcing & Scheduling Chairs

Paul André

Anant Bhardwaj

Lydia Chilton

Juho Kim

Steven Dow

Rob Miller

Haoqi Zhang

Mobile Apps Chairs

Stephen Oney

Eiji Hayashi

Jason Wiese

Célia Martinie

Video Previews Chairs

Gene Golovchinsky

Gonzalo Ramos

Fanny Chevalier

Conference Management

Janeé Pelletier

Allison Perrelli

Sponsors, Exhibits & Recruitment

Carol Klyver


Yvonne Lopez

Brooke Daley

PCS Liaisons

Max van Kleek

Carol Klyver

Scooter Morris

Women’s Breakfast Event Chair

Allison Druin


Rosemary W. Stevens

ACM Staff Liaison

Ashley Cozzi

CHI 2014 Attendance

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CHI 2014 Income

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CHI 2014 Expenses

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