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CHI 2013 Details

CHI 2013 was held from April 27-May 2 in Paris, France.

Table of Contents


General Conference Chair

Wendy E. Mackay

Technical Program Chairs

Patrick Baudisch

Michel Beaudouin-Lafon

Technical Program Chair Assistant

Dominik Schmidt

Papers Chairs

Stephen Brewster

Susanne Bødker

Panels Chairs

Jofish Kaye

Gillian Hayes

Case Studies Chairs

Jonathan Arnowitz

Michael Arent

Dirk-Jan Hoets

Courses Chairs

Gregorio Convertino

Wiliam Hudson

Interactivity Chairs

Floyd Muller

Steve Benford

Danielle Wilde

Atau Tanaka

Video Showcase Chairs

Jeffrey Bardzell

Nicolas Roussel

SIGs Chairs

Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila

Albrecht Schmidt

Doctoral Consortium Chairs

Marty Hearst

Workshops Chairs

Ido Guy

Nadir Weibel

Works in Progress Chairs

Henriette Cramer

Shelley Farnham

Christian Holz

Student Research Competition Chairs

Shaowen Bardzell

Celine Latulipe

Student Design Competition Chairs

Thecla Schiphorst

Carola Zwick

Student Game Competition Chairs

Seth Cooper

Heather Desurvire

Magy Seif El-Nasr

alt.chi Chairs

Amanda Williams

Daniela Rosner

Best of CHI Awards Chair

Scott Hudson

RepliCHI Awards Chair

Max L. Wilson

TOCHI papers Chair

Jeff Nichols

Industry Days Chairs

Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson

Evan Gerber

Scott Weiss

Jonathan Arnowitz

Communities Chairs

Bo Begole

Kristina Höök

Design Community Chairs

Patrick Olivier

Ellen Yi-Luen Do

Engineering Community Chairs

Fabio Paterno

Philippe Palanque

Management Community Chairs

Janice Rohn

Carola Fellenz Thompson

Child Computer Interaction Community Chairs

Janet Read

Juan Pablo Hourcade

Sustainability Community Chairs

Samuel Mann

Lisa P. Nathan

Health Community Chairs

Karen Cheng

Kelly Caine

Arts Community Chairs

David England

Jill Fantauzzacoffin

User Exp. & Usability Community Chairs

Virpi Roto

Arnold Lund

Entertainment and Games Community Chairs

Regina Bernhaupt

Katherine Isbister

Student Volunteer Coordinators

Bobby Beaton

Lindsay Reynolds

Technology Liaisons

Scooter Morris

Sara Drenner

Data Chairs

Max Van Kleek

Graphic Design Chairs

Jeremy Boy

Lora Oehlberg

Dario Rodighiero


Cary-Anne Olsen

Vicky McArthur

Caris Hurd

Social Media Chairs

Cliff Lampe

Katie Panciera

Video Previews Chairs

Gene Golovchinsky

Gonzalo Ramos

Tony Dunnigan

Wesley Willett

Proceedings Chairs

Michael Ekstrand

Stéphane Conversy

Robert J. Teather

Mobile Apps Chairs

Stephen Oney

Jason Wiese

Eiji Hayashi

Interactive Schedule Chairs

Arvind Satyanarayan

Daniel Strazzulla

Clemens Klokmose

Community-sourcing and Scheduling Chairs

Steven Dow

Paul André

Lydia Chilton

Juho Kim

Rob Miller

Haoqi Zhang

Posters Chair

James Eagan

Publicity Chair

Molly Mackinlay

PC Meeting Liaison

Eric Lecolinet

CHI Women’s Breakfast Chair

Allison Druin

Sponsors and Exhibits

Carol Klyver

Reviewing Software

James Stewart

Conference Logistics

Janeé Pelletier

Local Logistics

François Dakini


Yvonne Lopez

Jill Skuba

CMC Liaison

Scooter Morris

ACM Staff Liaison

Ashley Cozzi

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