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Community FAQ

How can I contribute to the Events and Holidays calendars?

Please fill out the forms associated with each calendar. Once we receive the form, we will add in the entries to the calendars and let you know so you can confirm the details are correct. If anything looks wrong, please email to let us know.

Note that there may be conflicting interpretations of whether a holiday is okay to have a deadline/event on. If and when such conflicts arise, we will aim to resolve them with the parties involved, and thus require that contributors share their names and emails with us, at a minimum.

What happens once the holidays are entered?

Once the holidays are listed on the calendar, conference/event organizers can be advised to use them to determine their dates and deadlines. It is thus important to have dates further out into the future, until 2025-2026 if possible, because 2021-2022 dates might already be set in stone. Please keep this in mind while entering dates. You can also mention sources we might check against.

Note also that conference/event organizers may have other constraints to balance, and it is possible that they may not end up considering every date on the holidays calendar. In such cases, it is our recommendation that the organizers convey to their audiences well in advance as to why they are unable to consider the holidays in question, and create flexibility in the schedule for those impacted in the process.

Where’s the old “Communities” portal?

After several years of service to the community, this platform has been superseded by commercial tools that are easier to maintain and offer more flexibility. Our thanks to the volunteers who designed, implemented and maintained Communities over the past several years. The primary functionality of the previous portal was to create mailing-lists; communities can create an ACM Listserv for an email distribution or discussion list. If you need to poll your Listserv Community, please submit a request.