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CHI 2014 Education Workshop- Position Papers

Position papers for the CHI 2014 Workshop, “Developing a Living Curriculum to Support Global HCI Education”

The following Workshop papers were written by attendees at the 2014 CHI Workshop, “Developing a Living Curriculum to Support Global HCI Education.”

Ashktorab, Z. & Bowser, A. “How do I get back to my homescreen?”: Education on tablet usage for senior citizens.
Austin, A. & Abdelnour-Nocera, J. Are we teaching the HCI that we want to teach rather than what they need to learn?
Bonsignore, E. Working toward “synthetic serendipity” in a living HCI curriculum.
Cheng, S. & Dey, A. It’s not too late: Developing HCI Education in Asia.
Consiglio, T., Rogier, E. & Van der Veer, G. Learning about a moving world- Towards living HCI knowledge.
Fass, J. Adaptation and input: Defining a living curriculum.
MacDonald, C. Chasing the unicorn: Toward a dynamic, modular, and structured living curriculum for HCI.
Ritter, F. A satisfying way to teach HCI: Outreach through usability reports.

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