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Call for nominations for SIGCHI Vice-President at Large

The Officers of the SIGCHI Executive Committee include two Vice-Presidents At Large. Currently, both of these positions are vacant. We invite nominations of candidates to fill the positions (self-nominations are allowed).

A brief description of the Vice-President At Large role can be found in the SIGCHI Bylaws:

The duties of the two Vice-Presidents At Large shall be decided by the Executive Committee. These duties are expected to change in response to issues facing SIGCHI.

The current Executive Committee has identified five Strategic Initiatives and therefore is interested in people who are broadly interested in furthering our progress on these initiatives. Please see the link for details, but in short, the initiatives are:

  1. Grow our membership to reflect the community.
  2. Ensure scalability of our organization and conferences.
  3. Enhance HCI knowledge distribution.
  4. Promote inclusivity.
  5. Support local & global HCI.

Nominations will be reviewed by a committee chaired by the Past President of SIGCHI, Loren Terveen. Send questions and nominations to Loren Terveen at Nominations will be accepted until May 17, 2019.

The committee will follow the process below, which is intended as a general procedure to use for selecting candidates for positions on the SIGCHI Executive Committee. The committee will also follow relevant SIGCHI and ACM policies, e.g., as laid out in the SIGCHI Bylaws, the SIGCHI Conflict of Interest Policy, and the ACM Conflict of Interest Policy.  


  1. At the invitation of the SIGCHI President, the Past President will serve as Chair for the nomination process.
  2. The Chair will form a nominating committee consisting of two or four other members, thus ensuring the committee will have an odd number of members.
  3. The members preferably will have extensive SIGCHI experience, such as having previously served on the SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC). While current EC members can be included, the majority of the committee must not be current EC members. If desired, members may also come from other SIGs, if the Chair believes that their perspective would be useful.
  4. The Chair will publicize (using the usual SIGCHI channels) the open positions, the committee, and the process, including timeline.
  5. For each open position, the nominating committee:
    • Will publicly solicit nominations, including self nominations.
    • May identify potential candidates themselves.
    • May approach potential candidates (whether nominated externally or identify by the committee) directly to assess their interest.
    • Conduct preliminary assessments, including interviews, with all candidates
  6. If the process is to fill an open position during an EC term, the nominating committee (i) will write an assessment of each candidate for the EC to consider, and (ii) may recommend one candidate or rank the candidates. The EC then will select the candidate to invite to fill the open position; this process will be done according to the SIGCHI bylaws.
  7. If the process is to produce the triennial slate of candidates, the nominating committee:
    • Will finalize a slate based on their assessments of the potential candidates.
    • Announce the slate, following ACM rules