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About the 2011-2014 Research

Information on the 2011-2013 research on HCI Education

About the 2011- 2014 Research

ACM SIGCHI conducted a research project to understand emerging subjects, topics, and challenges in the field of HCI between March 2011 and December 2014. This work was led by Elizabeth Churchill, Jennifer Preece, and Anne Bowser. For more information about these researchers, please visit our bios.  Results and interpretations to date can be found at emerging research.

Our objective was to describe the current landscape of HCI education and to offer recommendations for both the academic study of HCI and for applied HCI practitioner learning.  This work builds on the HCI Curriculum established by SIGCHI in 1992.

Our research and development included a number of activities, including:

  • review of programs offering academic degrees in HCI and related fields around the globe;
  • review of core and elective HCI courses included those directed at advanced practitioner learning;
  • review of textbooks and other teaching materials;
  • interviews, surveys, and focus groups with global students, educators, and practitioners;
  • scoping the requirements for and seeding an online community to support HCI education.

Call for Participation

We are looking to build on our efforts studying and supporting HCI Education through an online community. To support global HCI Education, please join the community here.

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