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2021 SIGCHI Award Recipients

SIGCHI is very pleased to announce its 2021 Award Recipients.  You can find more details about the awardees here:

SIGCHI Lifetime Research Award:

            Scott Hudson – Carnegie Mellon University (U.S.)

SIGCHI Lifetime Practice Award:

            John T. Richards– IBM (U.S.)

SIGCHI Lifetime Service Award:

            Wendy A. Kellogg – IBM (retired) (U.S.)

            Philippe Palanque – Université Toulouse (France)

SIGCHI Social Impact Award:       

            Cecilia Baranauskas – State University of Campinas (Brazil)

           Andy Dearden – Sheffield Hallam University (UK)

           Juan E. Gilbert – University of Florida (U.S.)

SIGCHI Academy:

            Maneesh Agrawala – Stanford University (U.S.)

             Ann Blandford  – University College London (UK)

            Jeffrey Heer – University of Washington (U.S.)

            Jonathan Lazar – University of Maryland (U.S.)

            Fabio Paternò – CNR-ISTI (Italy)

            Rosalind W. Picard – MIT Media Lab (U.S.)

            Fernanda Viégas – Google (U.S.)

            Allison Woodruff – Google (U.S.)

SIGCHI Outstanding Dissertation Award:

             Josh Andres – RMIT University (Australia)

             Arunesh Mathur – Princeton University (U.S.)

             Qian Yang – Cornell University (U.S.)

Congratulations to all!