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Conference Proceedings

This page contains Table of Contents for all recent SIGCHI conference publications. These links provide direct, open access to the published PDFs for one year after becoming active in the ACM Digital Library. This page will be updated regularly, check back often for open access to new conference publications.

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ACM Digital Library: SIGCHI

The ACM maintains a page for each SIG at The ACM Digital Library page for SIGCHI describes our bibliometrics, Top 10 Downloaded Articles (past 6 weeks) / Top 10 Most Cited Articles, award winners, authors, affiliations, upcoming conferences and our publication archive.

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TOCHI (ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction)

This ACM Transaction seeks to be the premier archival journal in the multidisciplinary field of human-computer interaction. Since its first issue in March 1994, it has presented work of the highest scientific quality that contributes to the practice in the present and future. The primary emphasis is on results of broad application, but the journal considers original work focused on specific domains, on special requirements, on ethical issues — the full range of design, development, and use of interactive systems.

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ACM Interactions

This magazine includes timely articles, stories, and content related to the interactions between experiences, people, and technology.

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SIGCHI Conference Publications Format

SIGCHI-sponsored conferences share the same format for their paper publications. Below are documents that not only describe this format, but they also appear in the conference format. You can replace the content with your own to help you follow the formatting rules. Styles are used to make it easy to adhere to the format. These documents can be used as templates for your submissions and, if accepted, to help you produce your camera-ready copy.

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