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Volunteer Articulation

Thank you for agreeing to volunteer for SIGCHI. We would like you to take on this volunteer role with a clear understanding of the commitment that is being asked of you, as well as the ACM/SIGCHI policies that all our volunteering activities must align with.

  • Your volunteer role is _______________________________________________.
  • The term of this volunteer role is ______________________________________.
  • You are a volunteer in the ACM organization that reports to _______________________________, their volunteer role is _______________________________ and they report to _______________________________.
  • The responsibilities of the volunteer role include:
    • [Position’s duties/goals]
    • [Meeting commitments]
    • [Who they will be working with]
    • […]
  • There is no remuneration for this volunteer role.
  • If the tasks you would like to perform fall outside of normal operations or expectations of the volunteer role (whether they are additional tasks or innovations on typical tasks) and particularly if they may incur additional costs for the organization, it is best to discuss this first with the person you report to as they may have access to a broader picture of the organization’s activities and thus may be able to contribute a different perspective on your task.
  • The following ACM policies pertain to the volunteer role:
  • The following SIGCHI policies pertain to the volunteer role:
  • Further details can be found in the SIGCHI Volunteer Handbook.


The following people contributed to this document:

Andrew Kun, Cliff Lampe, Helena Mentis, Ron Metoyer, Julie Williamson, Karla Badillo-Urquiola