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Final Submission Author Instructions for SIGCHI Conferences

Final Submission Author Instructions for SIGCHI Conferences

Once you have received your notification acceptance, there are some steps you have to complete for final submissions for publication.  All conference tracks that publish papers in the ACM Digital Library will follow this process.  If you have questions, please contact the conference proceedings chairs, papers chairs, or relevant track chairs.

ACM e-Rights

After notification, you will receive an email from the ACM e-Rights system to begin the publication process for your paper.  Where possible, you should complete the e-Rights form before you upload your final submissions.

  • The e-Rights form will only be sent to the contact author, so it is important that this person is able to respond to emails and complete the form.
  • This email will come from  Please remain alert for this email after your acceptance notification as it may be sent to spam.
  • Ensure the paper title, authors names, and emails match exactly how you want this to appear on your final publication.  The information provided in your e-Rights form is used to validate the metadata of your publication source.  Any mismatches could delay the publication of your paper.

Final Submission Materials in PCS

The volunteers running the papers review/publication process will inform you of the submission deadline.  Please upload your final submissions to PCS  before the deadline.  Check PCS for conference specific requirements.

Approving Your Final Submissions in ACM TAPS

After the final submissions are processed by TAPS, you will receive an email asking you to approve your final versions for publication.  The link provided will take you to the TAPS Author Dashboard for your paper.

  • The TAPS Author Dashboard only be sent to the contact author, so it is important that this person is able to respond to emails and complete the form.
  • This email will come from Please remain alert for this email after you have uploaded your source as it may be sent to spam.  This may take up to two weeks to arrive depending on the size of the conference and the processing required.
  • When you receive an email titled “PDF and HTML Proofs: available for review” please follow the link provided to access the TAPS Author Dashboard.
    • If you approve the proofs, please select the radio button for “Approve” and click “Submit.”  You will see a message “Processing Complete” and you will no longer be able to edit your submission. Your submission is complete and ready for publication in the Digital Library.
    • If you do not approve the proofs, please select the radio button for “Reject.”
      • If you would like to use support to make the changes you require, select the radio button for “Contact Support” and use the form at the bottom of the page to detail your requests.
      • If you would like to make changes yourself, select the radio button for “Resubmit” and click submit.  You will be required to resubmit your source in the correct format as described on the TAPS Author Dashboard.  

Preparing Your Final Source

All authors should ensure they are using the latest version of the template available on the ACM Template page.


Authors for SIGCHI Publications must follow the accessibility guidelines on the ACM Templates Page.  Ensure all figures and images have suitable figure descriptions.

Word Authors

Conferences may ask authors to complete the validation of their Word source or use a vendor to complete this process.  Check the instructions provided by the papers chairs/proceedings chairs.

For Word authors not completing document validation, please follow these instructions.

  • Please ensure ALL content in your Word document is styled with the correct styles as listed in the table provided in the template.
  • There are some common issues that can delay the processing of your publication.  Please check for the following in your final version:
    • Ensure elements like the title, headings, authors, acknowledgements, reference heading, and individual references are styled as described in the template.
    • If a single figure contains multiple images, these must be inserted as a single image. 
    • All images/figures must be followed by a caption.
    • Provide alt text (instructions available in the template) for all figures.
    • Remove all blank lines.

LaTeX Authors

LaTeX source requires some preparation for final submission.  Please ensure your source follows these requirements:

  • SIGCHI publications use the “sigconf” visual style.  This is specified in the document class command. You must remove the “manuscript” and “authordraft” commands from the document class to generate the two column document.
  • SIGCHI publications use the “ACM-Reference-Format” bibliography style; citestyle{acmnumeric)
  • Your LaTeX source must have a single “main” .tex file, although you can organise your project with a main .tex file that includes input from multiple .tex files.   Please remove all samples and old tex files that include a document class.
  • Ensure your source compiles without errors.  Some editors, like Overleaf, will tolerate errors and generate a PDF, but this is not permissible for final publications.  Please check the error log and correct all compilation errors before submitting your final source.
  • Ensure your bibliography compiles without warnings.  Accurate bibliographies are required for publication.  If your bibliography has missing entries or other errors, your source will not be accepted for publication.  Please check the warning log and correct all warnings and errors related to your bibliography before submitting your final source.

Green Open Access

All SIGCHI authors are encouraged to archive their work in a “green open access” repository in line with ACM’s Green Open Access Policy.  Authors can host their final versions on their own homepage, an institutional repository, a repository mandated by your funder, or a non-commercial repository like arXiv.

  • Archive your single column version as uploaded to PCS in any format (source, PDF, etc)
  • Include the DOI assigned once you complete the e-rights form.