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Video Guides

This document contains links to all guides and resources of the SIGCHI Video Operations Team that concern video. Please reach out for questions or suggestions.

Video Executive Summary

One page summary of the SIGCHI Video program.   

Onsite Guides

Live Streaming Guides

Document with a brief description of and considerations for live streaming.

Venue AV Connection Diagram

Summary diagram of how to connect SIGCHI Video equipment to local AV systems. 

Video chair guide

Guide for conference video chairs (volunteers that handle logistics and on-site recording). 

Videographer guide

Guide for student volunteers that help recording talks on-site (aka. videographers).

Videographer checklist

Brief checklist for videographers.

Offsite & Remote Guides

Requirements for Chairs

  • The conference should have a video presentation chair who serves as a single point of contact, and coordinates with all individual venue chairs (papers, LBWs, etc) or technical program chairs.
  • Conferences should use the PCS and QOALA workflow for video and metadata collection.
  • Video specifications (1080/720p, 200mb, srt/sbv subtitles)
  • Deadline for video submission should be at least 2 weeks before date videos need to be live (or longer for larger conferences; e.g. 1 month for CHI).
  • Chairs can specify a precise date/time to make the videos public on YouTube links subject to the previous deadline requirements.

Chair’s Video Collection Guide

An easy way to collect videos for a conference using PCS.

Remote Presenter’s Guide

Authors and presenters should refer to this page for technical requirements and guidelines for video presentations.

QOALA Tutorial

Here’s an overview of QOALA (20 minutes). 


Bumper templates and examples

SIGCHI adds a short video bumper in front of all recordings. The bumper asset package contains conference logos, ACM and SIGCHI logos and some data about the conference (name, location, date,…). 

Zoom Pointers

As many conferences are using Zoom for remote meetings and webinars, here are a few links that we find useful.

Closed Captioning

You are required to turn on closed captioning for all live content.  Currently, the ACM offers this as Zoom accounts with this built in.

The Zoom live Transcript panel with several buttons one of which reads Enable Auto-Transcription.
👆🏽 Zoom’s Live Transcription must be enabled for CC to work.

The host must enable it per meeting. It cannot be defaulted on.