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VRST 2009 Details

VRST 2009 was held from November 18-20 in Kyoto, Japan.

Table of Contents


General Co-Chairs

Yoshifumi Kitamura, Osaka University, Japan

Haruo Takemura, Osaka University, Japan

Program Co-Chairs

Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Osaka University, Japan

Benjamin Lok, University of Florida, USA

Daniel Thalmann, EPFL, Switzerland

Publicity Co-Chairs

Yuichi Itoh, Osaka University, Japan

Christian Sandor, University of South Australia, Australia

Publication Chair

Masataka Imura, Osaka University, Japan

Poster & Demo Co-Chairs

Wataru Hashimoto, Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan

Miguel A. Nacenta, University of Calgary, Canada

Nobuchika Sakata, Osaka University, Japan

Kazuki Takashima, Osaka University, Japan

Yuichi Tamura, Konan University, Japan

James E. Young, University of Calgary, Canada

Local Arrangement Chair

Katsuhiko Onishi, Osaka Electro-Communication University, Japan

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VRST 2009 Expenses

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