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VRST 2008 Details

VRST 2008 was held from October 27-29 in Denver, Colorado.

Table of Contents


General Chairs

Steven Feiner, Columbia University

Daniel Thalmann, EPFL

Pascal Guitton, University de Bordeaux

Program Chairs

Bernd Frohlich, Bauhaus-Univ. Weimar

Ernst Kruijff, TU Graz

Martin Hachet, INRIA

Short Paper and Poster Chairs

Anatole Lecuyer, INRIA

Celine Loscos, Universitat de Girona

Demonstration Chair

Haruo Noma, ATR

Industrial Liaison

Salvatore Spinello, INRIA

Local Arrangement

Laetitia Grimaldi, INRIA

Marie Sanchez, INRIA

VRST 2008 Attendance

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VRST 2008 Income

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VRST 2008 Expenses

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