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UIST 2017

UIST 2017 was held from October 22-25, 2017 in Quebec City, Canada.

Table of Contents


General Chair

Krzysztof Gajos, Harvard University, USA

Program Chairs

Jennifer Mankoff, University of Washington, USA
Chris Harrison, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Sponsorship Chairs

Daniel Wigdor, University of Toronto, Canada
James Landay, Stanford University, USA

Demos Chairs

Yuta Sugiura, Keio University, Japan
Juho Kim, KAIST, South Korea

Posters Chairs

Stefanie Mueller, MIT CSAIL, USA
Parmit Chilana, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Doctoral Symposium Chair

Meredith Ringel Morris, Microsoft Research, USA

Registration Chairs

Elena Leah Glassman, University of California Berkeley, USA
Nicholas Chen, Microsoft Research, USA

Student Volunteer Chairs

Alexandra Ion, Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany
Pascal E. Fortin, McGill University, Canada

Student Innovation Contest Chairs

Pedro Lopes, Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany
Gierad Laput, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Local Arrangements Chair

Michelle Annett, University of Toronto, Canada

Lasting Impact Chair

Steven Feiner, Columbia University, USA

Awards Chair

Alex Olwal, Google, USA

Documentation Chair

Parinya Punpongsanon, MIT CSAIL, USA

Proceedings Chairs

Xing-Dong Yang, Dartmouth College, USA
Daniel Afergan, Google, USA

Web Chair


Recreation Chair

Walter S. Lasecki, University of Michigan, USA

Publicity Chair

Nikola Banovic, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

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