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UIST 2011 Details

UIST 2011 was held from October 16-19 in Santa Barbara, California.

Table of Contents


General Chair

Jeff Pierce

Program Chairs

Maneesh Agrawala

Scott Klemmer


Christine Robson

Sponsorship Chairs

Roel Vertegaal

Daniel Wigdor

Poster Chairs

Shamsi Iqbal

Amy Karlson

Demo Chairs

Otmar Hilliges

Christian Holz

Doctoral Symposium Chair

Steven Feiner

Student Innovation Contest Chair

Kayur Patel

Chris Harrison

Nick Chen

Student Volunteer Chairs

Katrina Panovich

Elena Agapie

Registration Chairs

Kevin Li

Sean White

Proceedings Chairs

Clifton Forlines

Ari Rapkin Blenkhorn

Publicity Chair

Rafael Tico Ballagas

mc schraefel

Madness Chair

Hyunyoung Song

Program Committee

Caroline Appert, LRI

Rafael Tico Ballagas, Nokia

Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, University of Paris

Jeff Bigham, University of Rochester

Michael Bernstein, MIT

Joel Brandt, Adobe

Stu Card, Stanford University

Ed Chi, Google Research

Michael Cohen, Microsoft Research

Steve Feiner, Columbia University

Tovi Grossman, Autodesk

Francois Guimbretiere, Cornell University

Ken Hinckley, Microsoft Research

Jim Hollan, UCSD

Shamsi Iqbal, Microsoft Research

Sep Kamvar, Stanford University

Amy Karlson, Microsoft Research

Andy Ko, University of Washington

Jeff Nichols, IBM Research

Tapan Parikh, UC Berkeley

Shwetak Patel, University of Washington

Eric Paulos, Carnegie Mellon University

mc schraefel, University of Southampton

Michael Terry, University of Waterloo

Gina Venolia, Microsoft Research

Andy Wilson, Microsoft Research

Jacob Wobbrock, University of Washington

Stephen Voida, UC Irvine

Shumin Zhai, Google Research

Doctoral Symposium Committee

Takeo Igarashi, University of Tokyo

Rob Jacob, Tufts University

mc schraefel, University of Southampton

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