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UIST 1997 Details

UIST 1997 was held from October 14-17 in Banff, Canada.

Table of Contents


Symposium Chair

George Robertson, Microsoft Research

Program Chair

Chris Schmandt, MIT Media Lab

TechNotes Chair

Elizabeth Mynatt, XEROX PARC

Panels Chair

Robert Jacob, Tufts University

Demos Chair

David S. Kosbie, Microsoft

Registration Chair

Susanne Jul, University of Michigan


Bob Braudes, Boston Technology


Ari Rapkin, Carnegie-Mellon University

Student Volunteers

Blair MacIntyre, Columbia University

Local Arrangements

Wm Leler, Banff Centre for the Arts

Media Chair

Steve Cousins, Stanford University

Program Committee

Mark Ackerman, UC Irvine

Debby Hindus, Interval Research

Allison Lee, Nynex

Jock Mackinlay, Xerox PARC

Joe Marks, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory

Elizabeth Mynatt, Xerox PARC

Dan Olsen, Carnegie-Mellon University

Chris Schmandt, MIT Media Lab, Program Chair

Chris Shaw, University of Regina

Randall Smith, Sun Microsystems

TechNotes Committee

Bay-Wei Chang, Xerox PARC

Matt Conway, University of Virginia

Elizabeth Mynatt, Xerox PARC, TechNotes Chair

Ian Smith, Georgia Institute of Technology

Panels Committee

Presun Dewan, University of North Carolina

Robert Jacob, Tufts University, Panels Chair

Joe Marks, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

Demos Committee

Keith Edwards, Xerox PARC

David Kosbie, Microsoft, Demos Chair

James Landay, University of California, Berkeley

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