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Ubicomp 2012

UbiComp 2012 was held from September 5-8 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Table of Contents


General Chair

Anind K. Dey, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Program Chairs

Hao-Hua Chu, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Gillian Hayes, University of California, Irvine, USA

Workshop Chairs

Andreas Bulling, University of Cambridge/Lancaster University, UK

Youn-kyung Lim, KAIST, Korea

Poster Chairs

Marshini Chetty, Georgia Tech, USA

Karen Tang, University of California, Irvine, USA

Lana Yarosh, Georgia Tech, USA

Demonstration Chairs

Olivier Bau, Disney Research Lab, USA

Daniel Leithinger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Cynthia Kuo, Nokia Research Centre, USA

Video Chairs

Tico Ballagas, Nokia Research Centre, USA

Parisa Eslambolchilar, Swansea University, UK

Doctoral Colloquium Chairs

Sunny Consolvo, Google, USA

Adrian Friday, Lancaster University, UK

Publicity Chair

Christian Koehler, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Publications Chairs

Matthew Lee, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Charles Gouin-Vallerand, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Mobile App Chairs

Eiji Hayashi, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Stephen Oney, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Jason Wiese, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Event Coordinator

Jessica Stanley, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Industrial Chair

Yu Zheng, Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing, China

Student Volunteer Chair

Gabriela Marcu, Carnegie Mellon University, USA


Jed Brubaker, University of California, Irvine, USA

Program Committee

Mark Ackerman, University of Michigan, USA

Ken Anderson, Intel, USA

Daniel Avrahami, Intel, USA

Jakob Bardram, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Louise Barkhuus, Stockholm University, Sweden

Bo Begole, Samsung, USA

Andrew Campbell, Dartmouth College, USA

John Canny, UC Berkeley, USA

Mike Chen, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Karen Church, Telefonica Research, Spain

Kay Connelly, Indiana University, US

Paul Dourish, UC Irvine, USA

Jesus Favela, CICESE, Mexico

Jodi Forlizzi, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Bill Griswold, UC San Diego, USA

Mike Hazas, Lancaster University, UK

Elaine Huang, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Shahram Izadi, Microsoft Research, UK

Fahim Kawsar, Bell Labs, UK

Judy Kay, University of Sydney, Australia

Aisling Kelliher, Arizona State University, USA

Shin’ichi Konomi, University of Tokyo, Japan

Antonio Krüger, University of Muenster, Germany

Paul Lukowicz, Universität Passau, Germany

Qin Lv, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

Cecilia Mascolo, University of Cambridge, UK

Florian Michahelles, ETH, Switzerland

Andrea Grimes Parker, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Matthai Philipose, Microsoft Research, USA

Erika Poole, Penn State University, USA

Aaron Quigley, St. Andrews University, UK

Chris Schmandt, MIT, USA

James Scott, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK

Irina Shklovski, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Itiro Siio, Ochanomizu University, Japan

Junehwa Song, KAIST, Korea

Mani Srivastava, UCLA, USA

Monica Tentori, CICESE, Mexico

Hide Tokuda, Keio University, Japan

Khai Truong, University of Toronto, Canada

Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila, Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Alexander Varshavsky, AT&T Labs, USA

Janet Vertesi, Princeton University, USA

Koji Yatani, Microsoft Research Asia, China

Xie Xing, Microsoft Research Asia, China

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