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Ubicomp 2002

UbiComp 2002 was held from September 29-October 1 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Table of Contents


General Chair

Lars Erik Holmquist, Future Applications Lab, Viktoria Institute

Program Chair

Gaetano Borriello, University of Washington and Intel Research

Tech Notes Chair

Larry Arnstein, University of Washington

Doctoral Consortium Chair

Anind K. Dey, Intel Research

Workshops Chair

Albrecht Schmidt, Lancaster University

Panels Chair

Hans-Werner Gellersen, Lancaster University

Posters and Video Demonstrations Chair

Peter Ljungstrand, PLAY, Interactive Institute

Student Volunteers Chair

Johan Lundin, Mobile Informatics Group, Viktoria Institute

Disappearing Computer Jamboree Chair

Karl-Petter Åkesson, Swedish Institute of Computer Science

Program Committee

Aaron Bobick, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Gaetano Borriello, University of Washington/Intel Research (Seattle), USA

Barry Brumitt, Microsoft Research, USA

George Coulouris, University of Cambridge, UK

Joelle Coutaz, CLIPS-IMAG, Université Joseph Fourier, France

Jim Crowley, INRIA Grenoble, France

Trevor Darrell, MIT AI Lab, USA

Nigel Davies, University of Arizona, USA

Anind Dey, Intel Research (Berkeley). USA

Armando Fox, Stanford University, USA

Masaaki Fukumoto, NTT DoCoMo Multimedia Labs, Japan

Hans-Werner Gellersen, Lancaster University, UK

Lars Erik Holmquist, Future Applications Lab, Viktoria Institute, Sweden

Tim Kindberg, Hewlett-Packard Labs, USA

Spyros Lalis, University of Thessaly & ICS-FORTH, Greece

Chandra Narayanaswami, IBM Research (Watson), USA

Brian Noble, University of Michigan, USA

Joseph Paradiso, MIT Media Lab, USA

Jun Rekimoto, Sony CSL, Japan

Tom Rodden, University of Nottingham, UK

Daniel Russell, IBM Research (Almaden), USA

Yoichi  Sato, University of Tokyo, Japan

Bernt Schiele, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Bill Schilit, FX PAL, USA

Chris Schmandt, MIT Media Lab, USA

Yoichi Takebayashi, Toshiba, Japan

Roy Want, Intel Research (Santa Clara), USA

GuangYou Xu, TsingHua University, China

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