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TVX 2014 Details

TVX 2014 was held from June 25-27 in Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

Table of Contents


General Chairs

Patrick Olivier, Newcastle University, UK

Peter Wright, Newcastle University, UK

Tom Bartindale, Newcastle University, UK

Program Chairs

Marianna Obrist, Newcastle/Sussex University, UK

Pablo Cesar, CWI, Netherlands

Santosh Basapur, Institute of Design, IIT, USA

Production Chair

Tom Bartindale, Newcastle University, UK

Workshop Chairs

Gina Venolia, Microsoft Research, USA

Jonathan Hook, Newcastle University, UK

Work in Progress Chairs

Regina Bernhaupt, ruwido, Austria

Guy Schofield, Newcastle University, UK

Course Chairs

Maria da Graca Campos Pimentel, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Daniela Busse, Samsung Research, USA

Doctoral Consortium Chairs

Hendrik Knoche, Aalborg University, DK

Nicholas Race, Lancaster University, UK

Demo Chairs

David Ayman Shamma, Yahoo! Research, USA

Dave Green, Newcastle University, UK

Tvx in Industry Chairs

Mike Evans, BBC Research and Development, UK

Patrick Huber, Sky Deutschland, DE

Inclusion &Amp; Accessibility Chairs

Reuben Kirkham, Newcastle University, UK

Alistair Edwards, University of York, UK

Grand Challenge Chairs

Ian Kegel, BT, UK

Robert Strzebkowski, Beuth University, DE

Sponsor Chair

David Geerts, CUO/iMinds/KU Leuven, BE

Media Chairs

Andrew Garbett, Newcastle University, UK

Jochen Huber, MIT Media Lab, USA

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