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TEI 2015

TEI 2015 was held from January 16-19 in Stanford, CA.

Table of Contents


Conference Co-chairs

Bill Verplank, Stanford University, USA

Wendy Ju, Stanford University, USA

Program Co-chairs

Alissa Antle, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Ali Mazalek, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Florian “Floyd” Mueller, RMIT, Australia

Publication Chair

Haakon Faste, California College of the Arts, USA

Venue Chair

Larry Leifer, Stanford University, USA

Charlotte Burgess Auburn, Stanford University, USA

Studios %amp; Workshops Co-chairs

Daniela Busse, Citi Ventures, USA

Jason Alexander, Lancaster University, UK

Demonstration Co-chairs

Jonathan Edelman, Stanford University, USA

Yasuto Nakanishi, Keio University, Japan

Michael Shiloh, California College of the Arts, USA

Local Arrangements Ninja

Michael Shiloh, California College of the Arts, USA

Arts Exhibition Co-chairs

Elizabeth Goodman, UC Berkeley, USA

Younghui Kim, Hongik University, South Korea

Sponsorship Chair

Alicia Gibb, Open Source Hardware Association, USA

Graduate Student Consortium

Kimiko Ryokai, UC Berkeley, USA

Brygg Ullmer, Louisiana State University, USA

Student Volunteer Co-chairs

Andy Wu, GE Global Research, USA

Nik Martelaro, Stanford University, USA

Student Design Challenge

Tom Igoe, New York University, USA

Steering Committee

Albrecht Schmidt, Universität Stuttgart (Germany)

Ali Mazalek, Georgia Tech (USA) %amp; Ryerson University (Canada)

Andreas Butz, LMU (Germany)

Audrey Girouard, Carleton University (Canada)

Brygg Ullmer, Louisiana State University (USA)

Caroline Hummels, TU/e (the Netherlands)

Elise van den Hoven, UTS (Australia) %amp; TU/e (the Netherlands)

Ellen Yi-Luen Do, Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)

Eva Hornecker, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (Germany)

Hiroshi Ishii, MIT Media Lab (USA)

Lian Loke, University of Sydney (Australia)

Martin Kaltenbrunner, UFG (Austria)

Nicolas Villar, Microsoft Research (UK)

Rob Jacob, Tufts University (USA)

Ron Wakkary, Simon Fraser University (Canada)

Saskia Bakker, TU/e (the Netherlands)

Sergi Jorda, UPF (Spain)

Ylva Fernaeus, KTH (Sweden)

Past TEI Steering Committee Members

Hans Gellersen, Lancaster University (UK)

Jamie Zigelbaum, Zigelbaum + Coelho (USA)

Mike Fraser, Unversity of Bristol (UK)

Shahram Izadi, Microsoft Research (UK)

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