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MobileHCI 2016

MobileHCI 2016 was held from September 6-9 in Florence, Italy.

Table of Contents


General Chairs

Fabio Paternò, CNR-ISTI, Italy

Kaisa Väänänen, TUT, Finland

Paper Chairs

Karen Church, Intercom, USA

Jonna Hakkila, U. Lapland, Finland

Antonio Kruger, DFKI, Germany

Marcos Serrano, U. Toulouse, France

Workshop Track Chairs

Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller, RMIT University, Australia

Michael Rohs, University of Hannover, Germany

Demonstration Track Chairs

Giuseppe Ghiani, CNR-ISTI, Italy

Thomas Olsson, Tampere Univ. of Tech, Finland

Tutorials Track Chairs

Marianna Obrist, University of Sussex, UK

Carmen Santoro, CNR-ISTI, Italy

Poster Track Chairs

Luis Leiva, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain

David McGookin, Aalto University, Finland

Industry Case study Track Chairs

Regina Bernhaupt, Ruwido, Austria

Anne Joutsenvirta, Seattle, USA

Doctoral Consortium Track Chairs

Sebastian Boring, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Luís Carriço, University of Lisboa, Portugal

Panel Track Chairs

Aaron Quigley, University of St. Andrews, UK

Manfred Tscheligi, University of Salzburg, Austria

Publication Track Chairs

Giulio Galesi, CNR-ISTI, Italy

Ismo Rakkolainen, University of Tampere, Finland

Publicity Chairs

Joelle Alcaidinho, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Cosmin Munteanu, University of Toronto Mississauga, Canada

Local Organization Chairs

Giulio Galesi, CNR-ISTI, Italy

Marco Manca, CNR-ISTI, Italy

Giulio Mori, CNR-ISTI, Italy

Antonio Giovanni Schiavone, CNR-ISTI, Italy

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