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MobileHCI 2001

MobileHCI 2001 was held from September 10 in Lille, France.

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Mark Dunlop, Strathclyde University

Stephen Brewster, Glasgow University

Programme Committee

Barry Brown, University of Glasgow

Matthew Chalmers, University of Glasgow

Keith Cheverst, Lancaster University

Alistair Edwards, University of York

Mikael Goldstein, Ericsson

Chris Johnson, University of Glasgow

Pekka Ketola, Nokia

Iain MacColl, University of Glasgow

David McGookin, University of Glasgow

David Morse, Open University

Paddy Nixon, University of Strathclyde

Albrecht Schmidt, Universit�t Karlsruhe

Matthias Schneider-Hufschmidt, Siemens

Peter Thomas, Serco eBusiness Solutions

John Forsyth, Symbian

Kaisa Vaananen, Nokia

Bruno von Niman, Ericsson Enterprise

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