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IUI 2014 Details

IUI 2014 was held from February 24-27 in Haifa, Israel.

Table of Contents


General Chairs

Tsvi Kuflik, The University of Haifa

Oliviero Stock, FBK

Program Chairs

Joyce Chai, Michigan State University

Antonio Kruger, Saarland University and DFKI


Melinda Gervasio, SRI International

Workshop Chairs

Ido Guy, IBM Research – Haifa

Tracy Hammond, Texas A&M

Demos/Industry Chairs

Doron Friedman, IDC Herzliya / BEAMING Consortium

Massimo Zancanaro, FBK – Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Students Consortium Chairs

Shlomo Berkovsky, NICTA

Helmut Prendinger, National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo

Social Media Chair

Angel Puerta, RedWhale Software

Local Arrangement Chairs

Joel Lanir, The University of Haifa

Eran Toch, Tel Aviv University

Registration Chair

Amit Tiroshi, The University of Haifa

Industry Chair

Claudia Goldman, General Motors – Advanced Technical Center – Israel

Sponsorship Chair

Doug Riecken, Columbia University

Publicity Chair

Nava Tintarev, University of Aberdeen

IUI 2014 Attendance

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IUI 2014 Expenses

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