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IUI 2002 Details

IUI 2002 was held from January 13–16 in San Francisco, CA.

Table of Contents


Conference Chair

Kristian Hammond, Northwestern University (US)

Program Chair

Yolanda Gil, USC/Information Sciences Institute (US)

Poster and Demonstration Chair

David Leake, Indiana University (US)

Program Committee

David W. Aha, Naval Research Laboratory (US)

Elisabeth Andre, University of Augsburg (GE)

Mathias Bauer, DFKI (GE)

Larry Birnbaum, Northwestern University (US)

Jim Blythe, USC/Information Sciences Institute (US)

Aaron Bobick, Georgia Institute of Technology (US)

Jeff Bradshaw, UWF/Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (US)

Philip Cohen, Oregon Graduate Institute (US)

John Domingue, Open University (UK)

Steve Feiner, Columbia University (US)

Asuncion Gomez-Perez, Polytechnical University of Madrid (SP)

Peter Haddawy, Asian Institute of Technology (TH)

Achim Hoffman, University of New South Wales (AU)

Eric Horvitz, Microsoft Research (US)

Scott Hudson, Carnegie Mellon University (US)

Anthony Jameson, DFKI and International University of Germany (GE)

Neal Lesh, Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab (US)

James Lester, North Carolina State University (US)

Henry Lieberman, MIT/Media Lab (US)

Mark Maybury, MITRE (US)

Vibhu Mittal, Google (US)

Johanna Moore, University of Edinburgh (UK)

Brad Myers, Carnegie Mellon University (US)

Beth Mynatt, Georgia Institute of Technology (US)

Kieron O’Hara, University of Southampton (UK)

Nuria Oliver, Microsoft Research (US)

Dan Olsen, Brigham Young University (US)

Ana Paiva, INESC (PT)

Cecile Paris, CSIRO (AU)

Angel Puerta, Redwhale Software (US)

Guus Schreiber, University of Amsterdam (NL)

Jude Shavlik, University of Wisconsin at Madison (US)

Candace Sidner, Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab (US)

Derek Sleeman, University of Aberdeen (UK)

Barry Smyth, University College Dublin (IE)

Robert St. Amant, North Carolina State University (US)

Steffen Staab, University of Karlsruhe (GE)

Oliviero Stock, ITC-IRST (IT)

Pedro Szekely, USC/Information Sciences Institute (US)

Jean Vanderdonckt, Catholic University of Louvain (BE)

Qiang Yang, Simon Fraser University (CA)

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