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IDC 2004

IDC 2004 was held from June 1–3 in College Park, Maryland.

Table of Contents


Conference Chair

Allison Druin, University of Maryland

Conference Liason 2003

Stuart MacFarlane, University of Central Lancashire

Papers Chair

Juan Pablo Hourcade, United States Bureau of the Census

Invited Panels Co-Chairs

Cynthia Solomon, Milton Academy

Margaret Minsky,

Tutorials/Workshops Co-Chairs

Allison Farber, University of Maryland

Mona Leigh Guha, University of Maryland

Doctoral Consortium

Amy Bruckman, Georgia Tech


Sabrina Liao, University of Maryland

Posters Chair

Jaime Montemayor, Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University

Demos Chair

Kara Reuter, University of Maryland

Technology Chair

Evan Golub, University of Maryland

Student Volunteer Co-Chairs

Sante Simms, University of Maryland

Lingling Zhang, University of Maryland

Conference Partnership Chair

Shuli Gilutz, Columbia University

Press Coordinator

Chris McCarthy, University of Maryland

Conference Communications Chair

Sharmon Kollet, University of Maryland

Accompanying Persons’ Chair

David Nelson, University of Maryland

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