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ICMI-PUI 2003 Details

ICMI 2003 was held from November 5-7 in Vancouver, Canada.

Table of Contents


Conference Chair

Sharon Oviatt, Oregon Health & Science Univ.

Program Co-Chairs

Trevor Darrell, MIT

Mark Maybury, MITRE

Wolfgang Wahlster, DFKI, Germany


Myron Flickner, IBM Almaden Research


Matthew Turk, UC Santa Barbara

Registration/Student Volunteers

Jen Mankoff, UC Berkeley

Anind Dey, Intel Research Berkeley

Andy Wilson, Microsoft Research

Local Arrangements

Karon MacLean, University of British Columbia

Kellogg Booth, University of British Columbia

Financial Sponsorships

Phil Cohen, Oregon Health & Science Univ.


David McGee, Natural Interaction Systems

Program Committee

James Allen, Univ. of Rochester, US

Niels Ole Bernsen, Univ. of Southern Denmark

Mark Billinghurst, HITL, New Zealand

Noelle Carbonell, INRIA, France

Tsuhan Chen, CMU, US

Xilin Chen, HIT, China

Joelle Coutaz, CLIPS-IMAG, France

James L. Crowley, lNRIA, France

Laurie Damianos, MITRE, US

Jill Drury, MITRE, US

Laila Dybkj�r, NIS, Denmark

Irfan Essa, Georgia Tech, US

Sadaoki Furui, Titech, Japan

Abigail Gertner, MITRE, US

Jim Glass, MIT, US

Bj�rn Granstrom, KTH, Sweden

Lisa Harper, MITRE, US

Mary Harper, NSF/Purdue, US

Eric Horvitz, Microsoft Research, US

Tom Huang, UICU, US

Anil Jain, Michigan State, US

Jean-Claude Junqua, Panasonic, US

James Landay, UC Berkeley, US

Gianni Lazzari, IRST, Italy

Jean-Claude Martin, LIMSI, France

Kenji Mase, ATR, Japan

Dominic Massaro, UC Santa Cruz, US

George McConkie, UICU, US

Paul McKevitt, Univ. of Ulster, Northern Ireland

David McNeill, Univ. of Chicago, USSatoshi Nakamura, ATR, Japan

Hiday Nakashima, AIST, Japan

Patrizia Paggio, CST, Denmark

Catherine Pelachand, Univ. of Rome, Italy

Sandy Pentland, MIT, US

Roberto Pieraccini, IBM Watson Research, US

Francis Quek, Wright State Univ., US

Thomas Rist, DFKI, Germany

Deb Roy, MIT, US

Alex Rudnicky, CMU, US

Florian Schiel, Univ. of Munich, Germany

Ted Selker, MIT, US

Steve Shafer, Microsoft Research, US

Rajeev Sharma, Penn State, US

Malcolm Slaney, IBM Almaden, US

Kay Stanney, Univ. Central Florida, US

Thad Starner, Georgia Tech, US

Silke Steininger, Univ. of Munich, Germany

Oliviero Stock, IRST, Italy

Hong Tan, Purdue, US

Tienu Tan, CAS, China

Jacques Terken, Tech. Univ. Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Jean Vanderdonckt, UCL, Belgium

Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson, UBC, Canada

Alex Waibel, CMU, US

Terry Winograd, Stanford Univ., US

Kent Wittenburg, MERL, US

Jie Yang, CMU, US

Shumin Zhai, IBM Almaden, US

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