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GROUP 2005 Details

GROUP 2005 was held from November 6-9 in Sanibel Island, Florida.

Table of Contents


Conference Co-Chairs

Kjeld Schmidt, IT University of Copenhagen

Mark Pendergast, Florida Gulf Coast University

Program Co-Chairs

Mark Ackerman, University of Michigan

Gloria Mark, University of California, Irvine

Short Papers Chair

Christine Halverson

Joerg Haake, FernUniversitaet Hagen

Posters Co-Chairs

Pamela Hinds

Jon Hindmarsh

Workshop/Tutorials Chair

Carla Simone, Universita’ di Milano Bicocca

Registration Chair

Julian Newman, Glasgow Caledonian University


Stephen Hayne

Information and Promotions

Myriam Lewkowicz Universite de technologie de Troyes

Program Committee

Jack Carroll, Penn State University, USA

Peter Carstensen, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Giorgio De Michelis, University of Milano, Italy

Paul Dourish, University of California, Irvine, USA

Jesus Favela, CICESE, Mexico

Tom Finholt, University of Michigan, USA

Jonathan Grudin, Microsoft USA

Carl Gutwin, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Stephen Hayne, Colorado State University, USA

Quentin Jones, New Jersey Institute of Technololgy, USA

Kari Kuutti, University of Oulu, Finland

Roberta Lamb, University of Hawaii, USA

Wayne Lutters, University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA

Kalle Lyytinen, Case Western Reserve University, USA

David W. McDonald, University of Washington, USA

Kumiyo Nakakoji, University of Tokyo, Japan

Chris Neuwirth, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Wolfgang Prinz, Fraunhofer Institute, Germany

Dave Randall, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Yvonne Rogers, Indiana University, USA

Diane Sonnenwald, Goteborg University, Sweden

Loren Terveen, University of Minnesota, USA

Ina Wagner, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Ross Wilkinson, CSIRO, Australia

Suzanne Weisband, University of Arizona, USA

Volker Wulf, University of Siegen, Germany

Manuel Zacklad, Universite Technologie de Troyes, France

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